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I'm attempting to verify that a coffee-script constructor throws an exception (using sinon and sinon-chai).

class Animal
  constructor: ->
    throw "exception"

class Dog extends Animal

How do I correctly create a spy to verify that instantiating Dog throws an exception?

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Simply use an anonymous function to create your object inside, so you can pass it the expects. No sinon needed so far.

expect(-> new Animal()).to.throw(/message/)

Beware, that the regexp in chai's throw always passes if you throw a simple string. It only works properly if you throw an Error object. Anyway it's always better to throw real errors.

class Animal
  constructor: ->
    throw new Error('message') # only this will assert the regexp above

Hope this helps.

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This didn't work. The exception being throw kills the test.. – bibs Feb 14 '13 at 15:42

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