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A shared webhosting is set up in such a way that DocumentRoot of the domain is htdocs and when a new subdomain is created a dir inside htdocs is created: htdocs/subdomain. So now the index file for domain.com is htdocs/index.php and for subdomain.domain.com - htdocs/subdomain/index.php.

How do I get calls to subdomain processed exactly the same as if it were a call to the domain? E.g. requests to subdomain.domain.com/index.php and domain.com/index.php should use the same file, the only difference being $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].

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It's not possible to answer this question without knowing how your hosting provider set up the mapping of "subdomains" to sub-directories. Since that's not how Apache usually behaves we can't know how to reverse this behavior without seeing how it was implemented. Also, this belongs on serverfault.com instead. –  noodl Nov 23 '12 at 1:52