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Is it possible with Apache CXF (2.7.0) to automatically discover JAX-RS resources in the classpath? That is, classes annotated with @Path.

I am using CXF in a Spring application and I have to manually declare the resources with the following XML, even if the resources are successfully discovered by Spring <context:component-scan ...>.

<jaxrs:server id="myService" address="/myService">
        <ref bean="myResource1" />
        <ref bean="myResource2" />
        <ref bean="myResource3" />

I would like to avoid it (as I can do with other JAX-RS implementations such as resteasy) because in my case it is harder to maintain, and it forces me to declare my bean dependencies in the Spring XML configuration file.

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FWIW, I find it very useful to declare things explicitly. But then I have multiple <jaxrs:server> declarations in the same application, each with a different configuration (e.g., different XML serializers). The RESTeasy approach isn't as flexible… – Donal Fellows Dec 5 '12 at 22:29

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It doesn't look like there's a way to do this with Spring configuration at this time in CXF 2.7. If you look at resteasy they've implemented a BeanFactoryPostProcessor that looks for @Path and @Provider. Something similar could be probably be done in CXF but it doesn't appear to be implemented yet. Looks like you're not the only one interested CXF-3725

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This code does the trick:

public class Context {
    private ApplicationContext ctx;

    public Server jaxRsServer() {
        LinkedList<ResourceProvider> resourceProviders = new LinkedList<>();
        for (String beanName : ctx.getBeanDefinitionNames()) {
            if (ctx.findAnnotationOnBean(beanName, Path.class) != null) {
                SpringResourceFactory factory = new SpringResourceFactory(beanName);

        JAXRSServerFactoryBean factory = new JAXRSServerFactoryBean();
        factory.setProviders(Arrays.asList(new JacksonJsonProvider()));
        return factory.create();

Just remember to put CXFServlet into your web.xml and you are done.

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Tested and working in cxf 3.0.4.

<jaxrs:server address="/" basePackages="a.b.c"/>

Dont forget to mention the cxf-servlet in web.xml

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In addition to what has been suggested: it works indeed in 3.0.0-milestone2, one would just do a top level jaxrs server declaration only and set basePackages attribute which may have one or more space separated package names.

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