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I work in a team of 5-6 software developers.All of us are developing on Linux (Mostly Ubuntu).We are using different IDE/editors for writing code (emacs,KDevelop,vim etc).I would like to enforce a policy whereby the code that is committed follows a standard format.The ideal solution that I am looking for is a code formatting tool (bcpp for example) to be specified as a subversion post check in hook.Can someone guide me on how to do this ?

Also I heard that Ubuntu has a tool that allows you to compare different formatting tools.Does anyone know of such a tool? If yes what is the name of the tool

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"Ubuntu has a tool that allows you to compare different formatting tools" - meta-meta-meta-metaprogramming? –  user529758 Nov 22 '12 at 22:40

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The UNIX command-line tool for fixing the indent-style of a piece of code is called indent. Apart from being able to adjust almost anything to you taste, it comes with pre-defined sets of parameters for common indentation styles.

You also might want to look at the checkpatch.pl script in the Linux kernel tree, that is mandatory to check patches before submission.

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It is not possible(or at least not recommendable, see msg from the devs here, at end of chapter) to change a commit transaction on the server.

The reason is that the changes will not flow back to the client. SVN server will just gives an "OK" and client thinks he has the current revision(the one it sent to commit), which in fact was altered by the hook script, therefore all diffs calculated next time (on server and on client)will be incorrect, as server and client are out of sync.

SVN will not sent complete versions of the committed file back after a commit.

The recommended solution would be to check if file is correctly formatted and reject the commit with an error message, if files are not correctly formatted

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  1. "Checking" action doesn't exist in Subversion, thus "post-checking hook" also can't exist - you have to learn SVN-specific jargon
  2. "I would like to enforce a policy" - enforce a policy is question of user-management, not VCS. You have to learn, how to ask good question
  3. Really only pre-commit hooks can enforce (by blocking commit)
  4. Anyway, *-hooks can not modify content of transaction, enforcement will assume manual rework of rejected commit
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