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I want to change the coordinates of a line and draw it with new coordinates on the fly. Although the values can be changed, I had not success to repaint with new coordinates.
My Sample code and traced outputs are here..

TRACE-1:SimpleFeatureImpl:OSB_Line=[SimpleFeatureImpl.Attribute: the_geom=MULTILINESTRING ((32.56891053280672 39.98170079260158, 32.56195765663663 39.98391357917568)),

TRACE-2:SimpleFeatureImpl:OSB_Line=[SimpleFeatureImpl.Attribute: the_geom=MULTILINESTRING ((132.5689105328067 39.98170079260158,

public void modifySelectedFeatures(Set<FeatureId> idSet) {
    FilterFactory2 ff = CommonFactoryFinder.getFilterFactory2(null);
    MapContent mapContent = mapFrame.getMapContent();
    FeatureLayer layer = (FeatureLayer) mapContent.layers().get(0);
    Filter filter =;
    try {
        SimpleFeatureCollection fColl = (SimpleFeatureCollection) layer.getFeatureSource().getFeatures(filter);
        if (!fColl.isEmpty()) {
            SimpleFeatureIterator iterator = fColl.features();
            while (iterator.hasNext()) {
                SimpleFeature simpleFeature =;
                System.out.println("TRACE-1:" + simpleFeature);
                Geometry geom = (MultiLineString) simpleFeature.getDefaultGeometry();
                Coordinate c = geom.getCoordinates()[0];
                c.setCoordinate(new Coordinate(c.x + 100.0, c.y, c.z));
                System.out.println("TRACE-2:" + simpleFeature);
    } catch (IOException e) {
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