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I've tried adding the date.timezone directive in the main php.ini file, which I've located in /etc/php.ini I've also verified it's location by using phpinfo();.

This is exactly what I added:

    date.timezone = "Europe/London"

I then restarted nginx (service nginx restart), but when I go echo phpinfo() again the timezone still states UTC which I believe is the default timezone and roundcube won't let me install until I set a timezone, any ideas?

EDIT Just stopped nginx, started apache and the timezone was set correctly. So this must be nginx specific.

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Not sure what was wrong, but I believe nGinx may have been misconfigured. Stopping the service and running Apache solved it, but that was only temporary. Just thought I'd post to let everyone know.

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What about restarting php service and not nginx after editing php.ini?

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