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I am making a raffle within the people that had make an "I like" to a certain article of my external website (non facebook). In order to choose the winner I need to know who has made the I like.

This query:'myWEBSITE'&format=json Only get me the total count of I Likes but not the users ID

This query is perfect:

But how do I get an OBJECTID for an external url??

Thanks in advance

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Object can be any thing like video, note, link, photo, or album but can not be any FB page or Url.. So I guess its not possible to get the user Id for a URL.

If you are using JS SDK / Like plugin in your website to like it, i think you can subscribe to an event and then use some ajax calls to get those userIds whenever they instantly like it.

See Somnath Muluk's answer in

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