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I am using php for a basic application to login into the system, be able to edit account information, and delete account. I have a mysql database. I need to encrypt/decrypt password using salt. How do I do it? Just need to make sure data is secure.

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You don't want to encrypt passwords. You want to hash them.

Some reading:

Related SO post: how to hash the password and get it back

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Passwords should be hashed, in contrast to encryption this is a one-way function, that should make it impossible to get back the original password.

  1. Store only the hash-value in the database, and compare against this value for login.
  2. Use a unique salt per password, it can be stored plaintext in the same database field as your hash-value.
  3. Use a slow key-derivation function like Bcrypt, to prevent brute-force attacks.

It's recommended to use a well established library like phpass to build the hashes. For further reading have a look at this tutorial.

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+1 for the helpful info & links – MikeSmithDev Nov 23 '12 at 15:40

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