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In MongoDB is possible to create indexes than can be used to find documents near a given latitude and longitude both in the '2d' and '3d' space.

What kind of formula does MongoDB use to find the distance between two given latitude/longitude pairs?

A few that come to my mind are:

  • Euclidean Distance
  • Haversine Formula
  • Vincenty Formula
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MongoDB (as at 2.2) only supports 2-d geospatial indexing, not 3-d.

Individual locations are encoded using the geohash system on top of MongoDB B-tree indexes.

In MongoDB 1.8+ there is support for Spherical correction for queries using decimal degrees.

There are two main types of distance calculations:

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Stennie, so when I query a '2d' indexed collection like this: db.runCommand({geoNear:'my_collection', near:[my_lon, my_lat], spherical:true, maxDistance:my_dist_in_radiants}) mongodb will use the n-Vector, right? I'll take a look at the code but does that treat the earth as a perfect sphere? –  Gevorg Nov 23 '12 at 3:33

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