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I used a number of different crawlers in the past that collect URLs on a given website (httrack, GSiteCrawler, Xenu, PowerMapper, etc.).

However, as part of my current task, I need to find not just all URLs on a website, but only those that contain a certain word/phrase.

This would be similar to doing a Google search on one particular site (e.g. "site:en.wikipedia.org hitler"), but I need "real-time" information rather than the one from Google's indexes.

The output would need to be a list of URLs, optionally with additional parameters (liek what GSiteCrawler or Xenu would give), not off-line copies of pages (like what httrack would give).

Can anyone suggest free/open-source tools for this purpose?

I realize that this is not a programming related question, if you can direct me to a more appropriate StackExchange website, I would appreciate too.

Thank you

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Something like scrapy might be your best bet. It would require a little bit of python scripting, but basically once you get the page back you can extract just about anything you want out of it.

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I would try yahoo query language if you are not wanting to have to code your own script. It's well documented and fairly easy to use.


You could also try Simple-html-dom, but you'll need to write your script in PHP.


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If it is for a one-off job, you could do it with A1 Website Analyzer (free trial with no fixed limits on pages) - see http://www.microsystools.com/products/website-analyzer/help/site-analysis-seo-audit/#search

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You can also do this job with Site Visualizer software.

After crawling a website, click Database tab and execute an SQL query similar to the following:

select * from links where to_url like '%sitemap%' order by to_url

As a result you'll be given a dataset:

find specific pages

Select the rows you need (or press Ctrl+A in order to select all), press Ctrl+C to copy the dataset (or use context-menu commands), and paste it into MS Excel sheet or other application.

This database querying feature is only available in Professional version of the Site Visualizer, but it has 30-days full-featured trial period, so you can use this feature for free within a month. More info on the database structure, tables and fields descriptions, as well as SQL queries examples, you can find here.

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