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I'm getting this error when trying to resolve "Server failed to start for port 8080: Address already in use"

 Error executing script 8888: For input string: ""

Can anybody help? Don't know what's wrong. Thanks.

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When the port number 8080 is already used and you want to reuse the same port , you should kill its process :

First, check the pid of the process that is using port 8080. To do this run:

lsof -w -n -i tcp:8080

Result after running Command

In the example above, the pid is 3812 for process that is using port 9090

Take note of the PID. The PID could be different on your machine. We need this for executing the next command: kill process

so you will have to test it via run-app:

grails run-app

UPDATE : As the output of lsof -w -n -i tcp:8080| awk '{print $2}'|awk 'END{print}' is the PID , You can kill the port process by PID automatically :

 kill -9 `lsof -w -n -i tcp:8080| awk '{print $2}'|awk 'END{print}'`
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Your method of killing the process can be compacted to kill -9 `lsof -t -i tcp:8080` – Bart Jul 25 '13 at 7:57
On windows, the command to get the pid of the process that is using port 8080 is netstat -a -n -o | find "8080" – HumanInDisguise Mar 26 '15 at 12:16

If you're using Grails/Groovy Tool Suite ( Eclipse based IDE ), select Run as > Run Configurations.... Then, in Grails tab, input like this :

-Dserver.port=8050 run-app

So, Grails will run on port 8050 instead of the default port (8080).

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The message

Server failed to start for port 8080: Address already in use

indicates that some other process on your machine has already bound itself to port 8080. I would guess this is an instance of Tomcat running either because you started it or it didn't get properly shutdown by whatever IDE you use.

In any case, this question should help you end the process that is using the port.

As for the second error regarding script 8888, I have no idea. Grails does not attempt to start this script in my environment, so I imagine it is related to a plugin you have installed.

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The problem is the port number 8080 is already used. So, you either have to stop that process to make way for the new one or you can specify grails -Dserver.port=8090 run-app when you run your app.

However, since you're having a script error, it is possible that you didn't specify the port in your BuildConfig.groovy.

here's the solution: add grails.server.port.http=8888 in your BuildConfig.groovy

refer to a comment here: http://www.icodeya.com/2012/06/grails-resolving-server-failed-to-start.html

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If you are using STS or Eclipse (or probably any environment built on Eclipse), one option is to go to the Debug perspective (Window -> Open perspective -> Debug). From there you can right click on your running server and click Terminate and relaunch. This will kill the current server and relaunch on the same port so that you do not get the Server failed to start for port 8080: Address already in use message.

As for the Error executing script 8888: For input string: "" I have not seen it before but it seems @ShootingStar has an answer.

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When the port number 8080 is already used and you want to reuse the same port , you should kill its process : Use fuser 8080/tcp will print you PID of process bound on that port.

And this fuser -k 8080/tcp will kill that process.

Woks on Linux only. More universal is use of lsof -i4 (or 6 for IPv6).

EXAMPLE: if the port is 8080,Run on terminal :

 fuser -k -n tcp 8080

That is it!

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Easier than other posted answers.

In the console window there is a X and XX icon. When you hover the cursor over it. You'll see balloons showing "Remove Launch" and "Remove All Terminated Launches".

Click them both. Eclipse will clear out all the existing servers so you can relaunch you server on the your default port.

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You need to kill the process which is running on port 8080; So use the command:

netstat -plten |grep java

used grep java as tomcat uses java as their processes.

It will show the list of processes with port number and process id

tcp6       0      0 :::8080                 :::*                    LISTEN      
1000       30070621    16085/java

the number before /java is a process id. Now use kill command to kill the process

kill -9 16085

-9 implies the process will be killed forcefully.

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