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i'm using rdfapi-php library and trying to open my RDF file.

Here are the code edited from the tutorial to show the content parsed into the way the library explain.

//include RDF API
define("RDFAPI_INCLUDE_DIR", "C:/OpenSA/Apache/htdocs/rdf_api/api/");

// Filename of an RDF document

// Create a new MemModel
$model = ModelFactory::getDefaultModel();

// Load and parse document
// Get Iterator from model
$it = $model->getStatementIterator();

// Traverse model and output statements
while ($it->hasNext()) {
   $statement = $it->next();
   echo "Statement number: " . $it->getCurrentPosition() . "<BR>";
   echo "Subject: " . $statement->getLabelSubject() . "<BR>";
   echo "Predicate: " . $statement->getLabelPredicate() . "<BR>";
   echo "Object: " . $statement->getLabelObject() . "<P>";

that is the output

Statement number: 0
Object: e85740

Statement number: 1
Subject: e85740

My problem is that in the variable $base i will have an array with the name of all my RDF files. How i can edit the script to get the content of all the file of the array and after that print every RDF triple?


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what do you want to do here? do you want to print all the content of example1.rdf ? – Swamy Nov 23 '12 at 12:48
Hi Swamy, thx for the reply. i want the while looping a variable $array that contain a list of all my file like $array = array{'file1.rdf, file2.rdf ...} and then print all their contents in one loop and not in a single loop for file. I tried some solution but none works. – Bebbolin Nov 24 '12 at 20:32

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