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Possible Duplicate:
Comparing Strings in Cocoa

I need to perform logic on an NSString* variable.

If I do the following it works fine:

my_label_3.text = local_db_user.lifetime_subscription;

The label in the UI gets populated with the text, True

But the following returns NO:

local_db_user.lifetime_subscription == @"True"     

What code do I use for this pseudo code:

if local_db_user.lifetime_subscription == True
    do this
    do this other thing

My watch, during debugging, on local_db_user.lifetime_subscription shows:

{NSString * | 0x764e210} "True"
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You should use isEqualToString: to compare between to NSString objects.

As the Apple doc points out:

- (BOOL)isEqualToString:(NSString *)aString

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a given string is equal to the receiver using a literal Unicode-based comparison.

so to answer your question, your code should look like:

if ([local_db_user.lifetime_subscription isEqualToString:@"True"]) {
    // is equal
else {
    // is different
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Thanks all. I see that people found this to be an exact duplicate. Well I hope it remains visible, because, after a lot of searching, I never found my answer in stack. - which I love. :-) Again thanks. – pdschuller Nov 23 '12 at 13:59
Hey @pdschuller, your welcome! As you can see, we are happy to help! Good Luck – ProDevs Nov 23 '12 at 14:56
if([local_db_user.lifetime_subscription isEqualToString:@"True"])
        //do the task here

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Comparing object using equal operator(==) it's check for memory address. so compare the NSString object you have to use

  • (BOOL)isEqualToString:(NSString *)aString;

for your own (custom class) objects have to override below method.

  • (BOOL)isEqual:(id)anObject
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