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This is what I'm trying to do:

data X = I Int | D Double deriving (Show, Eq, Ord)

-- A normal declaration which works fine
instance Num X where
  (I a) + (I b) = I $ a + b
  (D a) + (D b) = D $ a + b
  -- ...   

coerce :: Num a => X -> X -> (a -> a -> a) -> X
coerce (I a) (I b) op = I $ a `op` b
coerce (D a) (D b) op = D $ a `op` b

instance Num X where
  a + b = coerce a b (+)

When compiling I get an error:

     Couldn't match type `Double' with `Int'
     In the second argument of `($)', namely `a `op` b'
     In the expression: I $ a `op` b
     In an equation for `coerce': coerce (I a) (I b) op = I $ a `op` b

In coerce I'd like to interpret op as both Int -> Int -> Int and Double -> Double -> Double. I think I should be able to do this because op is of type Num a => a -> a -> a.

My main goal is to abstract away the repetition needed in the functioning Num subclass: I'd much rather write it like I did in the uncommented version.

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Your definition of coerce restricts type of op to Int -> Int -> Int by first definition and Double -> Double -> Double by second. If you really want to say that op is polymorphic in a for all Num class then you should use Rank2Types to make it work.

coerce :: X -> X -> (forall a . Num a => a -> a -> a) -> X
coerce (I a) (I b) op = I $ a `op` b
coerce (D a) (D b) op = D $ a `op` b
coerce (I a) (D b) op = D $ op (fromIntegral a) b
coerce (D a) (I b) op = D $ op a (fromIntegral b)
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Yes, Thanks I added that. – Satvik Nov 23 '12 at 7:47
The Rank2Types extension is now being deprecated, one should use RankNTypes. (Rank2Types doesn't/didn't guarantee that only rank 2 types are used, it would also let higher rank types be used. I'm not sure whether Rank2Types is kept as a synonym for RankNTypes, I think the decision was against it.) – Daniel Fischer Nov 23 '12 at 12:06

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