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I'm writing a library that uses cmake. I've set the build up to add a make target that builds a Debian source package that I can then upload to Launchpad with dput to create an Ubuntu PPA. Part of this process is signing the package with my gpg key. When I run this make target while logged into a normal X session it pops up a box that asks me for my gpg passphrase.

I want to have Jenkins do this automatically to upload a daily snapshot build. The question is how to get Jenkins to sign the package automatically. I've seen similar questions but they never really answered what I'm looking for.

I assume I need to run gpg-agent to handle this but here are the things I don't understand:

1.) Jenkins runs under the jenkins user. How do I get gpg-agent running for this user. I've seen that eval $(gpg-agent --daemon) can be put in a shell script startup file but that wouldn't get sourced by Jenkins.

2.) How do I make gpg-agent aware of my passphrase. If I log in to the jenkins user with sudo su - jenkins I can use gpg to decrypt a file but it pops up pinentry-curses and asks for my passphrase. How would this be handled from Jenkins. I'd like to enter my passphrase once and have it remembered.

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1) Could you use the absolute path to the gpg-agent? Maybe I did not get you right..

2) You should use --passphrase-fd 0 as an argument to gpg (like that: echo password | gpg --passphrase-fd 0 --decrypt / --encrypt). More info here.

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