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Suppose at client side i have an Entity proxy to edit by the UI and when i click save button, the last modified time is save in the entity proxy as a field.

 MyEntityProxy proxy = getProxy();//fetched from server
 Request<Void> saveRequest = requestFact.myEntityProxyRequest().save(proxy);
 editorDriver.edit(proxy, saveRequest.getRequestContext());

 //user modifies UI


The problem is, where to insert the proxy.setLastModifiedTime(data) call? I always got

java.lang.IllegalStateException: The AutoBean has been frozen.


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Assuming you're using your proxy variable between flush() and fire(), you first have to edit() it.

proxy = saveRequest.getRequestContext().edit(proxy);

This is done automatically within editorDriver.edit(…) but it keeps the returned value private.

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HI, did that mean there is no way to set last modified time by hand when using editorDriver.edit(…) just because it keeps the returned value private? –  Mike Nov 24 '12 at 7:28

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