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I am using core data first time. so I know how to insert data manually in core data. First of all I have .csv file but I don't know how to insert data into core data from this .csv file

My entity name is: "HatList"
attribute1: "Category id"
attribute2: "Hat id"
attribute3: "Hat name"

I have read various links like link1 and link2

and other than these I have searched a lot but I didn't get proper idea.

so, can anyone give me proper code or information about my question?

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try this [1]:… – MicRO Nov 23 '12 at 5:19

Theres not a magical way to put the .csv into coredata, you have to parse it using NSScaner for example, like here: and then insert it as a managed object.

Alternatively you can try googling for a library that does this for you, im sure there has to be one.

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