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My Combobox:

 <pmControls:pmComboBox Grid.Row="3" Grid.Column="1" Margin="3"  
  SelectedItem="{Binding Applicable_For,Mode=Two Way}" DisplayMemberPath="Applicable_For"

  <pmControls:pmComboBoxItem Content="Parcel" ></pmControls:pmComboBoxItem>
  <pmControls:pmComboBoxItem Content="Property"></pmControls:pmComboBoxItem>


Have Added 2 static items to combobox as parcel and property and want to get these values using binding .

I have given binding to SelectedItem and my binding field is Applicable_For.

Using above code am getting value as null in Applicable_For.

EDIT: I have added Mode=Two Way for Selected Item which I have forgot before.

But not it getting value as namespace like 'PropMgmt.Controls.pmComboBoxItem'

Please Help..

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Instead of adding static items to combo box you can create a collection for it. for ex. Create class like:

public class KeyValuePair
    string key;

    public string Key
        get { return key; }
        set { key = value; }
    string value;

    public string Value
        get { return this.value; }
        set { this.value = value; }


Then in your view model add following code:

        ObservableCollection<KeyValuePair> applicable_For_KeyValues = new ObservableCollection<KeyValuePair>();

        KeyValuePair k1 = new KeyValuePair() { Key = "1", Value = "Parcel" };
        KeyValuePair k2 = new KeyValuePair() { Key = "2", Value = "Property" };


Then in xaml add following:

<pmControls:pmComboBox Grid.Row="3" Grid.Column="1" Margin="3" 
 ItemsSource="{Binding Applicable_For_KeyValues}" 
 SelectedValue="{Binding Applicable_For,Mode=TwoWay}" SelectedValuePath="Value">
                <pmControls:pmComboBox.ItemTemplate >
                        <TextBlock Text="{Binding Value}"></TextBlock>


Hope this solve your problem.

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It Works thanks –  Gayatri Nov 29 '12 at 7:12

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