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When I create a new project in Visual Studio, after a session of working, the folder of the project is always filled with "junk" such as the ipch (precompiled header) folder, the debug folders, sql database files that I never made...

In short, is it possible to just keep the source files inside the folder of the project, and either

  • automatically delete every other junk files after closing VS, or
  • choose a different temporary folder for those junk to go in?
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You can delete ipch, Release, Debug, x64 directories and also *.suo and *.sdf files. That will cause the compiler to re-create those files on the next run and maybe it needs some extra time to do so.

Plus, the *.suo files keep track of your open files, cursor positions in them, etc. You return to a clean slate in VS if you delete them, but you don't loose any source code.

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I know all that, what I want is doing all those thing automatically –  Chin Nov 25 '12 at 16:59

You can use the post-build event and delete the files using standard dos commands, or you can run a powershell script for example in the post build event. As for when you close visual studio, I don't think you can do this, you would need some sort of event and a third party script or application.

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