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I want to insert schema file content into the MySQL database as a single field via mysql command under bash. It is easy to do under mysql command line. But my case is that I want to use it together with several dynamic variables. Code is looks like below: (i is the index of services)

    WSDL=`cat ${WSDL_FILE}`
    WADL=`cat ${WADL_FILE}`
    XSD=`cat ${XSD_FILE}`

    ADD_SERVICE=$(eval echo "insert into Services set Name=\'\${SRV_LIST_${i}}\', Description=\'\${SRV_LIST_${i}_Description}\', Version=\'\${SRV_LIST_${i}_Version}\', Status=\'Active\', WSDL=\'\'\'${WSDL}\'\'\', WADL=\'\'\'${WADL}\'\'\', XSD=\'\'\'${XSD}\'\'\', CreatedBy=\'${USER}\', CreatedOn=NOW\(\), CreatedAt=\'${HOSTNAME}\';")
    Result=$(mysql -umysql -pmysqlpasswd -D service_reg -e "${ADD_SERVICE}")

The result would be like below:

./ eval: line 279: syntax error near  unexpected token `newline'
./ eval: line 279: `echo insert into Services set Name=\'${SRV_LIST_1}\', Description=\'${SRV_LIST_1_Description}\', Version=\'${SRV_LIST_1_Version}\', Status=\'Active\', WSDL=\'\', WADL=\'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>'

But if I set WSDL, WADL and XSD to empty string, it works fine. Any ideas? Thanks.

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You know, in this case the LOAD DATA INFILE method might be easier. Also, INSERT INTO with SET is an oddity you don't often see. – tadman Nov 23 '12 at 6:30

This seems to be the culprit

WADL=\'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>'

The double quotes aren't escaped and the string prematurely terminated and reopened. Maybe, there are even more quotes down the road.

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