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I have a C# Windows Forms Application with a progress bar. I want to progress that dynamically based on some method status. I have that method in a separate class, and am creating a new thread for that method, with a delegate to pass the status of the method to the parent thread.

The same situation I am able solve in a WPF application using progressbar.Dispatcher but in a Windows Forms application there is no Dispatcher, even if I use the System.Threading namespace.

progressbar.Dispatcher seems to be available only in a WPF Application.

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In winforms you can use the ProgressBar.Invoke or ProgressBar.BeginInvoke to update the control from another thread.

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In WinForms the Invoke/BeginInvoke methods are directly on the control objects as you can see from the docs of System.Windows.Forms.Control. So you'd have progressBar.BeginInvoke(...) for example.

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s/WPF/Windows Forms/ – shambulator Nov 23 '12 at 8:40
@shambulator: Thanks. – Tudor Nov 23 '12 at 8:40

In Windows Form application BackgroundWorker should fit perfectly for your task. In particular, it has ReportProgress method to send progress depending on your calculations and ProgressChanged to track changes from UI thread. See MSDN article for full details

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