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Oracle Accessing updated records during the same transaction

I've a oracle store proc somewhat like this (actual sqls are different)

v_copied_row table%ROWTYPE ;

 CURSOR p_copied_rows IS
 select *
 from table ;

  delete from table
where <some condition>

OPEN p_copied_rows ;
FETCH p_copied_rows into v_copied_rows ;
<do something with fetched row>
close p_copied_rows;

Ideally, I am expecting that the deleted rows should not be part of the result set i am fetching from the curson, but those are. I am new to oracle, and want to understand if i am doing something wrong here?

P.S. I've to use cursor for some complex things, so replacing cursor with the sql is not an option.

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If your actual code matched the code you posted, the rows you you delete would not be returned by the cursor

If I create a table with 100 rows

SQL> ed
Wrote file afiedt.buf

  1  create table foo
  2  as
  3  select level col1
  4    from dual
  5* connect by level <= 100
SQL> /

Table created.

and then create a PL/SQL block that replicates what you posted which deletes 98 of the rows, the cursor that is opened will return only 2 rows

SQL> select count(*) from foo;


SQL> declare
  2    cursor non_deleted_rows
  3        is select *
  4             from foo;
  5    l_rec foo%rowtype;
  6  begin
  7    delete from foo
  8     where col1 <= 98;
 10    open non_deleted_rows;
 11    loop
 12      fetch non_deleted_rows into l_rec;
 13      exit when non_deleted_rows%notfound;
 15      dbms_output.put_line( l_rec.col1 );
 16    end loop;
 17  end;
 18  /

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Now, if you open the cursor before you issue the DELETE, the cursor will return the rows that were deleted. Perhaps in your actual code, the OPEN statement is before the DELETE.

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