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I am using DOJO 1.8 iand spring mvc. I want to convert my form fields to JSON objects and pass it to the controller. Using DOJO dom-form.toObject("myForm1") i am able to pass the Json to the controller if it is a simple object.

If my model object is having inner objects then the .toObject() is not able to convert that into nested JSON objects.

var formObject1 = domForm.toObject("myForm1");
    require(["dojo/json"], function(JSON){
        postData = JSON.stringify(formObject1);

    dojo.byId("testdiv").innerHTML = postData;

and the Json I am getting is


But I need as below,


Does DOJO support this type of JSON conversion?

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Are you sure that Spring MVC does not handle names like "address.addrLine1" correctly if you post your form? Have you actually tried to post it e.g. with{form: "myForm1", url: ..., ...})? – James Nov 23 '12 at 9:43
i am using 'require(["dojo/request","dojo/dom-form"], function(request,domForm){"localhost:8080/Caseview/saveForm";, { data: domForm.toObject('myForm'), handleAs: "json" }).then(function(data){ // do something }, function(e){ // handle error }); });' I have a model class with Address address as an instance parameter and Adress have this addressline1 as instance variable. if am passing address.addressline1 i am getting an excpetion as below...(see the below comment) – JSFUser Nov 23 '12 at 10:50 Unrecognized field "address.addrLine1" (Class com.sfg.model.CallerName), not marked as ignorable at [Source: org.apache.catalina.connector.CoyoteInputStream@135d392; line: 1, column: 83] (through reference chain: com.sfg.model.CallerName["address.addrLine1"]) – JSFUser Nov 23 '12 at 10:53
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Dojo has various method for this kind of task. Just look at the documentation and choose a suitable solution.

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Thanks for your immediate reply ....i tried with this domForm.toObject("myForm1") using this only.....but i am getting the json as {"firstName":"12345","middleName":"Joanna","lastName":"Eliza","address.addrLine1‌​":"add1","address.addrLine2":"add2","address.addrLine3":"add3","email":"12345"}.B‌​ut i need that in nested objects as mentioned above. In the link you have given doesn't say any thing about that.... – JSFUser Nov 23 '12 at 7:54
You have the object representing the form, loop through it and regroup it. – undefined Nov 23 '12 at 7:59
ohhh ok ....that means I have to manually arrange it....DOJO doesn't give JSON in that way rite? – JSFUser Nov 23 '12 at 8:10
I don't think so. At least from what I understan from Your question. Input names are just names, no matter the prefix. :( – undefined Nov 23 '12 at 8:13

A short function that will do the job:

// lang = require("dojo/_base/lang");
function deepenObject(/*Object*/ object) {    
    object = lang.clone(object);
    for(var key in object) {
        if(object.hasOwnProperty(key) && ~key.indexOf(".")) {
            lang.setObject(key, object[key], object);
            delete object[key];
    return object;

Then just:

var result = deepenObject(formObject1);

See it in action:

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