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I am using Phonegap + Jquery Mobile for a Web App. I have a simple registration form. However, when i type any character, the page jumps and flickers Wildly. How do i overcome this problem on Android?

i have tried most of the solutions provided at :


http://blogs.bytecode.com.au/glen/2011/07/14/eliminating-annoying-flicker-transitions-with.html and other pages. None of the solutions worked for me.

Or Is it possible to call an android page only for registration? Any help much appreciated. Thank you.

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You may be looking for the wrong sort of flicker - is the jumping something similar to stackoverflow.com/questions/13233857/… or stackoverflow.com/questions/12529796/… ? –  Tom Clarkson Nov 24 '12 at 10:11

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It is possible to launch the Android code from your phonegap html page

MyWebView.addJavascriptInterface(new MyJavaScriptInterface(this), "MyHandler");

public class MyJavaScriptInterface 

    Activity parentActivity;
    MyJavaScriptInterface(Activity activity){
             parentActivity = activity;

    public void processData(String parameter){
        /* your processing logic */
               /* you can  launch your activity here. which contains registration form logic*/

in your html page 

<a href="#" data-transition="slide" onClick="window.MyHandler.processData("+value_to_pase+")">
Change this with your page code (html Page)
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