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I have a ROR 3 application.i need to install and run hudson for continiuos integration testing.i am a bit confused with available resources from Internet...I need Help

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first ..

  1. Download hudson from [war file for hudson][1]

    Mount war file in VMware(if you are using LInux on windows) OR From the terminal hit this command java -jar hudson-2.2.1.war

    third and last step .. Connect to localhost by http://localhost:8080...and see Hudson running . Moreover you can change the configuration setting .This link will help you http://injecting.by2.be/blog/2010/11/hudson_for_a_rails3_project.html by Ivo Dancet ...hope it helps.

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I do CI with Jenkins, which is a fork of Hudson. You might try something like this guide - it covers the process from top to bottom.

There are also gems like lobot which can automate much of the process for you, if you're going to use AWS.

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Thanks for this quick reply........ –  Milind Nov 23 '12 at 7:57

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