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The question is related to a question I've previously asked Message Broker —Sending Email The problem is as following: I send an email vie Message Broker email node, and the Lotus Notes client displays the body of an email correctly, but the subject line is garbled; it seems it cannot parse the subject, and shows it as following: =?UTF8?Q?Application_=E2=84=96_TESTIROVANE._Approval?= The message and the subject line are both displayed correctly in other clients, e. g. Gmail web-client. What should I do to make the Lotus Client parse the header and display it normally? Should I somehow configure the client itself or configure the Email node?

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this is not a Notes programming question, so it does not belong on Stack Overflow. It would be more suitable for Server Fault. In any case, there is either a bug in the Notes Client, or a problem with your actual encoding of the subject line. It's not something you can configure. Notes does understand utf8 - –  Richard Schwartz Nov 23 '12 at 19:46

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I agree it was not a programming question actually

Just in case someone else runs accross the same problem with message headers: we didn't manage to somehow changed Lotus Configuration, so we ended up writing a Java class handling all this email stuff, specifying utf-8 for both header and message, and it works now, at least with Lotus and free smtp-servers/web-clients

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How did you specified the header and message for utf-8? I am facing same issue while sending mail from java to lotus notes –  nanosoft Apr 1 at 10:50
@nanosoft MimeMessage message = new MimeMessage(mailSession); message.setSubject(messageSubject, "UTF-8"); message.setContent(emailBody, "text/plain; charset=\"utf-8\""); message.setHeader("Content-Transfer-Encoding", "8BIT"); –  gisly Apr 2 at 12:05

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