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Ok, let me explain this scenario: I have a JSP having a table whose source code is not available to me. Inside the table's tag , however I van dynamically insert a anchor tag using Java codes

String html =
 "<a href=\"javascript:showReleaseVersionsPopUp('" + currentRow.getComponentSeq() + "'); \" class=\"windowletIcon\">" +
                "<img src=\"./images/information-button.png\" width='25' height='20' id='img_"+currentRow.getComponentSeq()+"' " +
                        />" +
return html;

Now what i want is, if a mouse enter's this Anchor tag, it goes to javascript showReleaseVersionsPopUp() and shows a hidden DIV , however on mouseout event on this Anchor tag , i don't want it to go to javascript hideReleaseVersionsPopUp() and hide the DIV. I rather want that javascript hideReleaseVersionsPopUp() should be called on mouseout event on the Parent tag of this Anchor tag. I believe to do this 1st i will need set a mouseout event handler on the Anchor tag and stop the event from bubbling and then set the event handler on it's parant tag.

However, to reiterate here, i don't have access to the JSP code and the code, so all i can do is through the java code mentioned above.

Any suggestion appreciated !!

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You can attach a event handler to the onmouseout event of the parent node.

var el = document.getElementById('idOfAnchor').parentNode;

if (el.addEventListener) {

  el.addEventListener('mouseout', hideReleaseVersionsPopUp ); 

} else if (el.attachEvent)  { // for IE8 and previous versions

  el.attachEvent('mouseout', hideReleaseVersionsPopUp );

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Use addEventListener instead of hard-wiring the events.: – Cerbrus Nov 23 '12 at 10:52
@Cerbrus Thanks for pointing that out. Only one way to learn :) – Bruno Nov 23 '12 at 11:11
@Cerbrus changed my code accordingly – Bruno Nov 23 '12 at 11:16

You can use myElement.parentNode to get the parent element of myElement. You can then do anything with that parent element that you'd want. DOM manipulation, event listeners, you name it.

So just don't add a mouseout event listener on the Anchor, but on the Anchor's parent, instead.

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