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I need to watch a folder in our network and if any files get dropped in any time of the day I need to ftp to a different folder.

Is this a feasible approach? Are there some links that will take me in right direction?

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Use System.IO.FileSystemWatcher to watch the folder: Listens to the file system change notifications and raises events when a directory, or file in a directory, changes.

Use System.Net.FtpWebRequest to send the file through FTP.

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To watch the file system, the (aptly named) FileSystemWatcher is a useful option. There are many reports of unreliability however, so polling periodically is important.

See this question for a small "Polling vs FileSystemWatcher" debate.

As far as the FTP upload goes, as Alfred says, FtpWebRequest should do what you need.

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FileSystemWatcher as mentioned by the others will work fine in most cases, but not on Novell network drives.

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The best bet might be the filewatcher component. It seems to work reasonable well over a network.

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