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i'm exploring Camlp4 following this useful series of blog posts, but I'm having compilation problems. This is the code of my file :

open Camlp4.PreCast

let _loc = Loc.ghost in

let cons =
 let rec loop () =
     match read_line () with
       | "" -> []
       | c -> c :: loop ()
   with End_of_file -> [] in
 loop () in
    type t =
    $Ast.TySum (_loc,
                 (fun c -> <:ctyp< $uid:c$ >>)
    let to_string = function
          (fun c -> <:match_case< $uid:c$ -> $`str:c$ >>)
    let of_string = function
    $let ors =
         (fun c -> <:match_case< $`str:c$ -> $uid:c$ >>)
         cons) in
             <:match_case< _ -> invalid_arg "bad string" >>)$

I'm using this compilation command: ocamlc -pp camlp4of -I +camlp4 -o variant camlp4lib.cma but ocamlc emits : Error: Unbound module Printers.Ocaml

I guess is a matter of compilation command but I don't find where Printers.Ocaml is implemented.

thank you for your help! _ Fr.

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You are trying to access to Camlp4.PreCast.Printers.OCaml.print_implem, accessible after your open Camlp4.PreCast as Printers.OCaml.print_implem; note the different capitalization of OCaml vs Ocaml; OCaml is standard and should be consistently used across OCaml tools and documentation (you can file a minor bug report if some library distributed with the compiler breaks the convention).

PS: for your information, the next version of OCaml (4.01) will probably print the following error message (tested with the development version)

File "", line 13, characters 1-43:
Error: Unbound module Camlp4.PreCast.Printers.Ocaml
Did you mean OCaml?
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yes, it was, disappointingly. thank you. – Fr.Usai Nov 23 '12 at 10:04

sorry, my error the mudule Printers.Ocaml does not exist, Printers.OCaml (with uppercase C) exists.

I was trying for 2 days on this.


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