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On ios and other platforms geocoder gives back latitude, longitude and a "suggested radius" for that address.

F.E. if you search "Rome" it give an approx radius of city as region radius. If you search a single street it gives a smaller one.

Is there a way to get this radius using android sdk?

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I had the same issue and there currently is not a bounds field in the Address object. This tutorial should help you. Also see the new Google Geocoding API

To work with Google Maps Android v2 using GeocoderPlus library:

    public void updateMapToAddress (GeocoderPlusAddress foundAddress) {
       LatLng addressSouthWest = new LatLng(foundAddress.getViewPort().getSouthWest().getLatitude(), 
       LatLng addressNorthEast = new LatLng(foundAddress.getViewPort().getNorthEast().getLatitude(), 

       LatLngBounds addressBounds = new LatLngBounds(addressSouthWest, addressNorthEast);
       CameraUpdate cameraUpdate = CameraUpdateFactory.newLatLngBounds(addressBounds, 0);

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