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I can't set the video size with video.js

i made a video node:

        videoNode = $('<video>');
        videoNode.attr('id', 'simulationVideo');
        $('#' + _config.videoTargetId).append(videoNode);

i set up the player:

    //create new player
    myPlayer = _V_("simulationVideo", {
        'id': _config.id,
        'preload': "auto",
        'controls': false,
        'autoplay': _config.autoplay

    }, function () {

        //set listeners for our controlbar
        //if (_config.controls) {
            controls = new Doczero.VideoPlayer.Controlbar();

            //$('#' + _config.controlbarTargetId).append(controls.html());

            //put listeners in place
            this.addEvent('timeupdate', controls.onTimeUpdate);
            this.addEvent('progress', controls.onBufferUpdate);
            this.addEvent('play', controls.onPlay);
            this.addEvent('pause', controls.onPause);

            //listen to controlls
            controls.CustomEvents.AddListener('onPressPlay', _self);


i play a track:

    //set sources to play
    this.play = function (srcArray, newCallback) {
        //set source

        //remove old callback
        if (callback != null) {
            myPlayer.removeEvent('ended', callback);

        //add new ended callback
        myPlayer.removeEvent('ended', newCallback);

everything seems to work nice, untill the video pops up 3 times bigger (it stays the orinigal size)

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is the size of the <video> element being set? – b.kelley Nov 26 '12 at 15:19
Yes, i do set several height and witdh properties the way the video.js script is given on their site. BUT het <video> tag does not have the properties inside them, the wrapper which is created by video.js does... – Fer van Rijswijk Nov 28 '12 at 8:16
just taking a look at their "custom code generator" here videojs.com/tag-builder shows the height and width on the video tag. Not sure if this is the problem but you may try it – b.kelley Nov 29 '12 at 20:32
Thanks for your reply. The real problem is that videojs does copy the height of the video into the wrapper div, and removes is from the tag (i guess). When i put a height/width in the video tag in chrome, the video resizes like a charm! – Fer van Rijswijk Dec 4 '12 at 9:56

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