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How do you implement this simple scenario with the least possible cost (SQL) ?

(implement a stored procedure supporting all combinations of the filters applied.)


    name | dateOfbirth | phone | email
     N1  | 01-01-1992  | P1    | E1
     N2  | 12-08-1976  | P2    | E2
     N3  | 09-11-1989  | P3    | E3
     N4  | 04-06-1991  | P4    | E4

    [x] Name
    [x] dateOfbirth 
    [x] phone
    [x] email

After seeing SQL queries and filters implemented for many years and in many ways.

I think it's high time for me to refresh.




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The definitive article on the topic. Dynamic Search Conditions in T-SQL – Martin Smith Nov 23 '12 at 10:10
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Whenever I do optional filters, I choose some data that will represent all data, and then use something like this:

SELECT name, dateOfbirth, phone, email
  FROM Table
 WHERE (@a_name  = '' or name = @a_name)
   AND (@a_date  = '1900-01-01' or dateOfbirth = @a_date)
   AND (@a_phone = '' or phone = @a_phone)
   AND (@a_email = '' or email = @a_email)
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Thank you. This worked along with some modifications. – Umesh A Bhat Nov 23 '12 at 11:49

Will this be any help? @f1,...,@f4 are filters and assuming null if filtering not needed

SELECT name, dateOfBirth, phone, email
FROM YourTable
WHERE name = ISNULL(@f1,name) AND dateOfBirth = ISNULL(@f2,dateOfBirth) AND
      phone = ISNULL(@f3,phone) AND email = ISNULL(@f4,email)
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