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I'm new to c++ (I'm a c# developer).

I have an SQLite wrapper class that requires you to pass in a database name as a const char* , however I only have it as a Platform::String (after doing a file search).

I cant seem to find a way to convert the Platform::String to const char*.

Ive seen another question on StackOverflow that explain why it isnt straight-forward, but no sample code or end-to-end solution.

Can anyone help me ?


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Disclaimer: I know little about C++/CX, and I'm basing the answer on the documentation here.

The String class contains 16-bit Unicode characters, so you can't directly get a pointer to 8-bit char-typed characters; you'll need to convert the contents.

If the string is known to only contain ASCII characters, then you can convert it directly:

String s = whatever();
std::string narrow(s.Begin(), s.End());

Otherwise, the string will need translating, which gets rather hairy. The following might do the right thing, converting the wide characters to multi-byte sequences of narrow characters:

String s = whatever();
std::wstring wide(s.Begin(), s.End());
std::vector<char> buffer(s.Length()+1);  // We'll need at least that much
for (;;) {
    size_t length = std::wcstombs(buffer.data(), wide.c_str(), buffer.size());
    if (length == buffer.size()) {
    } else {

Alternatively, you may find it easier to ignore Microsoft's ideas about how strings should be handled, and use std::string instead.

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This link might be helpful in understanding C++/CX Strings:


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