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I'm trying to make all elements from the classlist to display only when they are in common with me and person b. for example if I have classes in position 1,2,5, and I'm on person b's profile who is in class 9,1,8,17,3, It would display ONLY 1 since they both have 1 in their classlist

I've tried a few things like exploding the classlist and giving everything their own variable... Nothing seems to work and I am over complicating everything i try. Does anyone know any simple ways to do this?

if ($_SESSION['classlist'] == $user_info['classlist']) {
echo ($user_info['classlist']);

} else {
    echo 'No Common Classes';

The above code only displays the classlist when the order of the classlist of person a and b have the same classes in the same order.

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For example:

// fetch your results from the database
$myclasses = explode(',', $myrow['classlist']);
$theirclasses = explode(',', $theirrow['classlist']);

$common_classes = array_intersect($myclasses, $theirclasses);

Or in your case: (assuming that both $_SESSION['classlist'] and $user_info['classlist'] are strings containing comma separated numbers: '1,2,3,4,5')

$myclasses = explode(',', $_SESSION['classlist']);
$theirclasses = explode(',', $user_info['classlist']);
$common_classes = array_intersect($myclasses, $theirclasses);

if (count($common_classes) > 0)
    echo '<p>You have the following classes in common.</p>';
    echo '<ul>';
    foreach ($common_classes as $class)
        echo '<li>' . $class . '</li>';
    echo '</ul>';
    echo '<p>Billy no mates :(</p>';
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Hmmm this is the type of answer I was looking for however both the shared classes 'you have shared classes' and 'you dont' doesn't seem to work.... It always thinks that I have shared classes. –  ramr Nov 23 '12 at 10:21
I'll make an edit –  Dale Nov 23 '12 at 10:22

If I am understanding you correct maybe this would work

// $_SESSION[ 'classlist' ] = 9,1,8,17,3,
// $user_info[ 'classlist' ] = 1,2,5

$a_session = explode( ",", $_SESSION[ 'classlist' ]);
$a_user_info = explode( ",", $user_info[ 'classlist' ]);
$common_classes = array();

foreach( $a_session as $key => $value )
    if( isset($value)===TRUE && $value != NULL && trim($value) != '' )
        if( in_array( $value, $a_user_info ) === TRUE )
            $k = array_search( $value, $a_user_info);
            $common_classes[] = $a_user_info[ $k ];

var_dump( $common_classes );
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