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I'm sorry, but I am confused, so I thought to ask my question here.

I have a Windows Azure Reserved Website instance, and added a domain through Managed Domains. To get the domain added I had to add this in my DNS:

awverify CNAME awverify..azurewebsites.net.

I added the domain in my Wordpress MultiSite setup as follows: domainname: http://domainname.com using subdirectories.

To this point everything works perfect, I can access the domain on domain.com without the www prefix.

With typing this question, I found also this topic Wordpress multisite, domain mapping www issue

I installed MU, and followed everything. The mapping works, the domain.com maps to www.domain.com but I get again the Azure Server Error:

404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Are my DNS settings wrong, or is this Wordpress or Azure specific?

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I think it is a Azure specific problem, because of the 404 page returned. –  DelphiLynx Nov 29 '12 at 14:19

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Have you added a cname record for "www.yourdomain.com" ? I have not used Azure, or I would provide a more complete answer, but it sounds like you just defined the DNS entry for yourdomain.com . You also need to create a CNAME for "www.yourdomain.com"

edit: Also, if you type "ping yourdomain.com" into the command prompt, does it show the same IP as "ping www.yourdomain.com" ? If you provide the actual domain it would be easier to troubleshoot as well.

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