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Currently I am working on a responsive template for my website. I am using the twitter bootstrap framework to create this template.

The parallax effect using the Jarallax plugin, since my website is responsive and my website is making use of twitter bootstrap I am having trouble putting 2 images on top of each other in a column (span4).

When using the background image as a div the background image is no correctly displayed on all screen sizes, so this is a responsive problem.

<img src="image-background.png" alt="bg" />
<img src="image-parallax.png" alt="fg" class="parallax-top" />

When scrolling the image parallax should change style and create the parallax effect. The problem is I cannot get these images on top of each other in a way the template still is responsive.

Simple sample in the jsfiddle link below.


I hope to find a solution so I can still use the parallax and keep responsiveness.

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