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I am trying match a formula using regular expressions.

  1. The formula should strictly contain these three letters only(L,W,H).
  2. Should allow only product operation i.e (L*W*H, L*W, L*H etc).
  3. Also instead of adding squared values, It should allow something like this(L*L*L*W*W*H*H)
  4. Also it should not allow the asterisk symbol at the end.

I tried myself and came up with this


But this allows adding letters continuously something like "LLL*WW*HHH**". Please help me out guys.

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It seems like you want this:



  • ^ the start of string
  • [LWH] one of L,W,H
  • (\*[LWH])* (a literal * followed by one of L,W,H) any number of times
  • $ the end of string
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