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I'm trying to develop a little contact managment tool with mongoDB, restful-webservice and javaFX on the client site. The restful-webservice is finsihed and now I'm try develop the client.

I use the following path to get information for a single contact:


where {uid} is the objectID from the single contact in mongodb.

If i want to set this pathparam from my client i have to get the object id. I thought it would be nice if the id from a listcell is the objectid from a single object so that I can use ListCell.getId() to add the pathparam while clicking on a listCell.

Now my questin is: How can is do this, so that the objectId from a returned object is used for the id for a single listCell?

Thanks for all suggestions!

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you wan to set listcell with data from a POJO class? –  invariant Nov 26 '12 at 3:32

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