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I need following result.

All numbers use numeric sorting and all strings use alphanumeric sort. Further more , the numeric values should be listed before the string values:

Example: before "i","9","89","0045","b","x"

after "9","0045","89","b","i","x"

My current code looks like this: (numeric sort works but my strings are distributed to the top and bottom?! -> "b","x","9","0045","89","i")

 public function compareFunction(obj1:Object, obj2:Object):int {
  var id1:String = (obj1 as WdProblem).id;
  var id2:String = (obj2 as WdProblem).id;

  if(id1.replace(' ', '') == "n") {
    var sdld:int = 0;

  var num1:int = Number(id1);
  var num2:int = Number(id2);

  if(stringIsAValidNumber(id1) && stringIsAValidNumber(id2)) {
    if(num1 == num2) {
      return 0;
    } else {
      if(num1 > num2) {
        return 1;
      } else {
        return -1;
  } else if(!stringIsAValidNumber(id1) && !stringIsAValidNumber(id2)) {
    return ObjectUtil.compare(id1, id2);
      //return compareString(id1, id2);

  } else if(!stringIsAValidNumber(id1) && stringIsAValidNumber(id2)) {
    return 1;
  } else if(stringIsAValidNumber(id1) && !stringIsAValidNumber(id2)) {
    return -1;

  return -1;

private function stringIsAValidNumber(s:String):Boolean {
  return Boolean(s.match("[0-9]+(\.[0-9][0-9]?)?"));
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Maybe you want to add a little preface to your question to provide some context to what you're trying to do. –  JeffryHouser Nov 23 '12 at 23:39

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My suggestion is to break it down into it's constituent parts especially if you have a scenario like this with 1 or more priority sorts. The key is to move onto the next sort only when the first sort returns they are equal.

For your case, I would build 2 sorts, one for numeric and the other for alpha-numeric, then your main sort can prioritize these by calling the sub-sort.

For example I have something similar:

private function sort2DimensionsByIncomeVsTime(a:OLAPSummaryCategory, b:OLAPSummaryCategory, fields:Array = null):int
    var sort:OLAPSort = new OLAPSort();
    var incomeSort:int = sort.sortIncome(a, b);
    var nameSort:int = sort.sortName(a, b);
    var yrSort:int = sort.sortYear(a, b);
    var moSort:int = sort.sortMonth(a, b);

    if (incomeSort == 0)
        if (nameSort == 0)
           if (yrSort == 0) 
               //trace(a.name, a.year, a.month, 'vs:', b.name, b.year, b.month, 'month sort:', moSort);
               return moSort;
           else return yrSort;
        else return nameSort;
    else return incomeSort;
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