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I have the following HTML, and I need to add a class to both <li> and <a> where the text 'Charts' exists (so not the second line, but rather the 4th and 5th). I cannot change the output of the HTML.

<div class="wp-submenu-wrap">
    <div class="wp-submenu-head">Charts</div>
        <li class="wp-first-item">
            <a class="wp-first-item" tabindex="1" href="admin.php?page=charts">Charts</a>
            <a tabindex="1" href="admin.php?page=add-chart">Add Chart</a>

I've tried doing this by locating the <a> tag that contains the text, but it is not working. Can somebody please point me in the correct direction? Thanks.

Code that I've tried -


    if(pagenow === 'admin_page_edit-chart') {

        var page = $('.wp-submenu-wrap a:contains["Charts"]');



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try this

    var page = $('.wp-submenu-wrap a:contains("Charts")');

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School boy error - thanks for the spot. –  David Gard Nov 23 '12 at 11:07

It should be :contains('text'). Other than that your code looks fine.

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Your :contains() selector is invalid.






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Thanks, that was so obvious I couldn't see it for looking! –  David Gard Nov 23 '12 at 11:06

The following code should do the job:

$(".wp-submenu-wrap a:contains('Charts')")
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