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How do I reference a type from a XAML style or template? The WPF syntax does not work in my Windows Store project.

The IDE barks at me with "Type is not supported in a Windows App project".

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Use the following syntax:

<Style TargetType="xmlNamespacePrefix:MyControlClassName" >

That is, you do not need to use the {x:Type } syntax in Windows Store and Phone apps.

MSDN says:

If you have used XAML for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), then you might have used an x:Type markup extension to fill in any XAML values that take a System.Type. The Windows Runtime XAML parser does not support x:Type. Instead, you should refer to the type by name without using any markup extension, and any necessary XAML-to-backing type conversion is already handled by the built-in conversion behavior in the XAML parser.


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I am not sure I understand... If I want a style BasedOn a default style, say, of a ListViewItem. Do I just do BasedOn="ListViewItem"? Because that doesn't work.. :( – Shahar Prish Jan 30 '15 at 22:01
@ShaharPrish I'd suggest just posting a new question. – Luke Puplett Jan 31 '15 at 16:31

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