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I'm trying to populate Cities as per the State selected by user in dropdown lists.

I've a function in jquery defined as:

function onchange1(dropdownmenu,field_name,id)

  { field_name: id},
  function(data) {

    alert("Data Loaded: " + data);


and I'm trying to get values from the location where I've called this function. I've called this function in html tags as:

<select name="state" id=state onChange="onchange1(city,state,this.value);">

where city is the name of my 2nd dropdownmenu, state is the field_name and this.value is the id.

But when this function is being called and when alerted it's showing [objectHTMLSelectElement].

How to retrieve values from HTML and use it in jquery function ?

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I believe what you want is


You might also want to look into serializeObject , a good post is this Convert form data to JS object with jQuery

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thanks, i referred the link you gave and i found the solution :) –  amit Nov 23 '12 at 12:27

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