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I am using a java NIO Datagram Channel(in blocking mode). I want to transmit an object from one side to the other. This is what I do on the Sender Side:

          ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
          ObjectOutputStream oos = new ObjectOutputStream(baos);
          ByteBuffer buffer = ByteBuffer.wrap(baos.toByteArray());

Here pkt is my object of the class ControlPacket to be transmitted. On the Receiver side:

          ByteBuffer buffer = ByteBuffer.allocate(8192);
          ByteArrayInputStream bias = new  ByteArrayInputStream(buffer.array(),0,buffer.limit());
          ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(bias);
          pkt = (ControlPacket)ois.readObject();

However I get invalid stream header: 00000094 error on running the code. Cannot figure out what is wrong in the code. I mean, since I flip the buffer after receiving it the pointer that reads it will be reset to 0 position and should go up till the position at which the last byte is there.

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Close the ObjectOutputStream before writing the buffer.

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