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Suppose a dir with a lot of images, some of them miss the alpha-channel so looking bad against a background. I thought every picture had alpha -channel but some pictures now show white instead of having transparency. How can I add the alpha channels en masse?

Not Working

$ convert imageNoAlpha.png -alpha on imageAlpha.png

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...suppose I am on my server without X and I notice this missing alpha-channel. I pretty much must go back to my desktop that is time-consuming and do small edits with Gimp -- wish I could do this with ImageMagick directly on commandline -- I need to somehow specify: replace all white with alpha-channel i.e. transparency. –  hhh Nov 23 '12 at 11:34

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This will change white to transparent as in you coment BUT any other white in the image will be transparent as well:

convert input.jpg -background none -transparent white -flatten output.png
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Thank you! +1 One last thought: could you add white-threshold so also colors close to white are made transparent? Yes apparently like this "convert input.jpg -white-threshold 88% -background none -transparent white -flatten output.png"? –  hhh Nov 23 '12 at 22:16
You use -fuzz: convert input.jpg -background none -fuzz 12% -transparent white -flatten output.png –  Bonzo Nov 23 '12 at 22:31

Thanks to Bonzo, I was able to get very cool results even without anti-alias! You can see the difference in the eyes with the below picture. I don't know how much you lose information by this but at least I am more able to adjust things, not so easy in anti-aliasing at least for me.

enter image description here

$ convert in.png -background none -fuzz 10% -transparent white -flatten out.png

En masse -approach is probably easiest with a bash -for-loop or use ImageMagick -pkg built for python. I don't know which approach is better, I will leave this here for future answers to improve. Thanks.

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I am pretty sure of over-thinking: did Zsh have the feature $ someFunc in[1..10].png out[1..10].png? I think it did but cannot remember the syntax, thinking... –  hhh Nov 24 '12 at 0:30

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