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I'm trying to get some final result files from HDFS to S3. I want to use DistCp, but that only copies entire folders it seems, and I only want to copy some of the files in a folder.

So I figure I need to move the files I want to a folder of their own then upload the folder with DistCp. I understand that I should use FileSystem.rename(path1,path2) to do that.

So I'm trying this little test of 1 file from java:

Path itemsTable = new Path("hdfs://localhost/process-changes/itemstable-*");
itemsTable.getFileSystem(getConf()).mkdirs(new Path("hdfs://localhost/output"));
//Simple test moving just 1 file around HDFS via java API
boolean success = itemsTable.getFileSystem(getConf()).rename(new Path("hdfs://localhost/process-changes/itemtable-r-00001"), new Path("hdfs://localhost/output/itemtable-r-00001"));

But I always get false back from the rename(...) method.

Is this even the right way to do this? If so, any guess as to what I'm doing wrong?

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Well, in the end this did work. I'm not quite sure why I was getting errors, I believe it was a serious of small mistakes. The code above in general should work (if you're reading this with the same problem as me). Have faith and just work through the minor issues.

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