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Here's my code

<script type="text/html" id='usageList'>
            <table cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' border='1' >

                    /* I want to include data source via ajax or some mechanism here */
                    <%_.each(items,function(item,key,list){ %>
                    <% var f =; %><!-- create more variables -->
                    <% var l= item.lastName; %>
                        <!-- use variables -->
                        <td><%= key %></td>
                        <td class="<%= f %>"><%= f %></td>
                        <td class="<%= l %>"><%= l %></td>
                    <% }); %>
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First, get the template into a variable

var template = ​$(​'#usageList')​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.html();

Then, make an Ajax request. Using the _.template process the data received and add it to a DOM node

$.getJSON('ajax/test.json', function(data) {

Data returned must follow this format

    {'name':'john', 'lastName':'M'},
    {'name':'jean', 'lastName':'N'},
    {'name':'carl', 'lastName':'K'},
    {'name':'peter', 'lastName':'B'}

Check this JSFiddle:

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