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How can I rename a file with chef?

In the chef doc I found only:

  • create
  • create_if_missing
  • delete
  • touch
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Use ruby_block and inside use ::File.Rename(src,dst). Chef framework doesn't have file rename (or at least didn't had until 0.10.18).

Just an example:

ruby_block "Rename file" do
  block do
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I'm just wondering... Is this idempotent? I mean... What happens when this runs for a second time and new_resource.src doesn't exist any longer? – cassianoleal Jun 2 '13 at 23:55
It will fail. This is just an example. You should assure yourself for the files from disk. – Sacx Jun 6 '13 at 7:27
wouldn't you just put a guard? as in only_if { File.exists?(new_resource.src)} – JL Peyret 2 days ago
Off course, but this is just a simple example :) – Sacx 2 days ago

Another option if you need to rename multiple files. Checks one of the resource to know if it already ran.

ruby_block "Rename file" do
  block do
    ::Dir.glob("*/*.src").each {|i| File.rename(i, i.gsub(/(.*).src/,'\\1.dst'))};
  not_if {File.exists?("new_resource.dst")}
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