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I'm using the java mail API to send mails with a Gmail Account. My requirement is, when sending the mail, I need the message id (or some unique id for email) to store some additional info in my local database.

Since the Transport.send() method returns no value, I can't get an ID for the mail?

So two questions:

1) Can anybody help me with a way to get the Gmail id for the mail, upon sending?

2) Is the "Message-ID" the unique identifier for the mail?

Thanks in advance.

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JavaMail will set a Message-ID when it sends the message. You can read it from the message after it's sent using msg.getMessageID().

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Thank you very much..! That will work. –  Priyan Perera Nov 26 '12 at 13:00

Message-Id shall be unique identifier for mail (see wiki) but to get mail Id you have either generate it yourself (that's what mailers do - it is not generated by server), or if you use some kind of API that does that for you it either shall offer a method to retrieve this. If not, you may end in need to get that mail body (i.e. by BCC to self) and extract it from message.

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