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I got the java source code from Apk, but this is not the exact original java code from application . when i compare the both(Original and extracted)codes there are so many different.ex(some function does't appear in the extracted code)

Can we get java code same as original(executable) ?

It is possible or not?.

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Yes and no. "No" - you cannot get original source code as it is simply not in APK - APK contains byte code (along other data) produced by compiler based on original source code. "Yes" - as there are techniques to generate source code from byte code (that applies to any platform). This is called "reverse engineering" but be aware developers are aware of this and usually do their best to make reverse engineering as hard as possible by taking various counter-measures.

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+1 for good and short answer. –  Hulk Nov 23 '12 at 11:55
Thank you. for your answer –  Rajesh Kumar Nov 23 '12 at 12:04

Try this. May you get some idea.

Once you downloaded your APK file , You need to do the following steps to get a editable java code/document.

1 -> Convert your apk file to zip (while start your download don’t go with “save” option , just go with “save as” and mention your extension as .zip) by doing like this you may avoid APKTOOL…

2 -> Extract the zip file , there you can find somefilename.dex. so now we need to convert dex -> .class

3 -> To do that, you need “dex2jar”(you can download it from http://code.google.com/p/dex2jar/ , after extracted, in command prompt you have to mention like, [D:\dex2jar-0.09>dex2jar somefile.dex] (Keep in mind that your somefilename.dex must be inside the same folder where you have keep your dex2jar.)

4 -> Download jad from http://www.viralpatel.net/blogs/download/jad/jad.zip and extract it. Once extracted you can see two files like “jad.exe” and “Readme.txt” (sometimes “jad.txt” may there instead of “jad.exe”, so just rename its extension as.exe to run)

5 -> Finally, in command prompt you have to mention like [D:\jad>jad -sjava yourfilename.class] it will parse your class file into editable java document.

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Thank you for your answer –  Rajesh Kumar Nov 23 '12 at 12:04

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