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I want append to list1, another list2, so modify the list2 and another time append to list1, but the values of list1 are overwrite.

I used [:] with the append and works ok:




print list1, list2 # [20, 2] [[1, 2]]

But the problem is when the list has another list inside



print list1, list2  #[[2, 1], [2]] [[[2, 1], [2]]]



print list1, list2  #[[25, 1], [2]] [[[**25**, 1], [2]], [[25, 1], [2]]]

I want to be that the last print was [[25, 1], [2]] [[[2, 1], [2]], [[25, 1], [2]]]

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The issue here is that lists are mutable - you are changing the value of the list, and the list inside your other list is simply a pointer to it, so that changes too. – Gareth Latty Nov 23 '12 at 12:32
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I think what you're asking is:

from copy import deepcopy
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i suggest you make a new object with the exact same contents as the list pointed to by list1 and make lisT1 point to this copy. This way, if you modify list1 (or what list1 points to), lisT1 (or what lisT1 points to) will remain unchanged. for example :

>>> list1=[[2,1],[2]]
>>> list2=[]
>>> lisT1 = [[2,1],[2]]
>>> list2.append(lisT1[:])
>>> print (list1, list2)
[[2, 1], [2]] [[[2, 1], [2]]]
>>> list1[0][0]=25
>>> list2.append(list1)
>>> print (list1, list2)
[[25, 1], [2]] [[[2, 1], [2]], [[25, 1], [2]]]
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